Paragon Soldering Tips

If you want a job to turn out perfect, you've got to start with the right materials!

We incorporate this philosophy into our soldering tips. Every Paragon soldering tip starts with a solid copper core. While this adds weight and cost, its essential when you consider our objective. Make simply the best soldering iron on the market. We select only premium alloys that combine the characteristics of high thermal conductivity with the corrosion resistance required for effective soldering. Subsequently, all tips undergo a multitude of processes that include iron cladding, nickel plating, chrome coating and pre-tinning. Each process is conducted in a clean environment to prevent contamination and ensure proper material adherence. The end result is a solid soldering tip that provides optimal performance over a long life span. Naturally all soldering tips are Lead-Free and RoHS compliant.

Comparing our tips with the light-weight tips incorporated in standard stick irons is similar to comparing a dixie cup to a bucket. If you only need a sip of water, the dixie cup is fine. If you need to provide drinking water to the better use the bucket!


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