**Monday, July 22nd will mark the 2nd anniversary of American Beauty Tools purchase of Esico Triton. We are hard at work behind the scenes to merge these two great brands together onto one website. Soon, when you visit this site, you will be redirected to www.americanbeautytools.com where both brands will be available.**

Esico Triton Tools Story & Contact Information

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In the early 1900s a customer was so impressed with the durability and reliability of his newly purchased soldering iron he declared it “a true American Beauty” and immediately a brand was born.  More than a century later, these qualities define the unwavering tradition of excellence that motivates American Beauty to deliver durable, robust soldering solutions. Our professional tools are reminiscent of a time when people took pride in the tools they used—and companies took pride in the tools they manufactured. American Beauty solves challenging soldering and thermal management applications with a diverse line of soldering irons and stations, solder pots, resistance soldering systems and accessories. Whether a handy, light-weight 20 watt pencil iron or a 550 watt robust heavy-duty iron, all American Beauty products are produced to the high-quality standards trusted by customers for more than a century.

American Beauty products are manufactured in Troy, Michigan, about 15 minutes outside of Detroit.  

Shipping / Mailing Address Contact Information

Assembly Technologies International, Inc.
1937 Barrett Drive
Troy, MI  48084
United States

Toll Free - 1-800-550-2510
Main Line - 1-248-280-2810
Fax Line - 1-248-280-2878
Email - info@americanbeautytools.com

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