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FAQ Category: Desoldering

Q. What is desoldering & desoldering braid?
A. Desoldering is a method of removing solder (or excess solder) from a pre-existent solder joint, using a variety of available tools or equipment. Some of the tools available include solder suckers, vacuum pumps and desoldering braid. Desoldering braid is braided copper that, when heated, pulls melted solder into it through a process called capillary action or 'wicking'. This natural wicking action is improved because of the flux on the braid. It is usually supplied on a spool or in a dispenser.

Q. What kind of flux is in the American Beauty Dri-Wick Desoldering Braid?
A. American Beauty Dri-Wick Desoldering Braid contains a water-white rosin flux formula, which protects the copper braid from oxidation and speeds the wicking action without leaving any contamination behind.

Q. What should be done with the wick after it is saturated with solder?
A. Cut the used wick from the spool and discard it in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

Q. How do I apply the heat to activate the wicking action of the desoldering braid?
A. With the end of the wick in direct contact with the solder joint, heat is applied approximately 1/2" above the joint using the tip of your American Beauty® Soldering Iron.

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