Esico Triton Tools Repair & Refurbishment Program

Send your headaches to us. We don't mind.

Esico Triton Soldering Tools are designed to withstand the rigors of production-line usage in the most difficult industrial environments.   All tools are covered for workmanship and against defect by our industry best three year warranty policy.  However, as those familiar with soldering are well aware, soldering tools require regular maintenance and the occasional replacement of consumable parts.  Historically, manufacturers had whole departments setup to maintain their tools, but as budgets tightened and these departments were eliminated, tools that were meant to last a decade were tossed in the garbage just like cheap imports.

After we learned from a customer down in Florida that they regularly discarded dozens of older soldering irons each year because they simply didn't know there was an alternative, we knew we needed to act.   We expanded our internal repair department and reassigned our most experienced technicians to work on repairs.  We implemented customized software to ensure accurate processing of all returned products, from door to door.  And we started getting the word out!    For years, we had quietly assisted the occasional customer who needed help bringing their tool back to life.   Now we boast about our world class repair and refurbishment service to anyone who will listen.  Here are just a few of the reasons why you should send your Esico Triton products back to us for any and all required work:

Quality - All work is performed by our trained and certified technicians and covered under our Industry Leading Three Year Warranty policy.

Speed - Once in-house, 90% of repairs are turned around inside of a week

Savings - The combined costs of parts, labor and return shipping is often less than 1/2 the cost of a new tool.  

Stop throwing away perfectly good tools.  Stop wasting hours of your company's time on repairs that will take us minutes.  Who better to get your Esico Triton Tools back to their original working condition than the factory that made them?  Contact us today (or via phone @ 800-550-2510) to start the ball rolling.  (Every repair item sent to our facility is automatically examined to see if it is covered under our industry best, THREE-year warranty policy.

Let us make your life a little less complicated...try our repair and refurb service today.

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