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Free In-House Test and Evaluation

Did we just say free? Yes.

Is your current soldering job the bottle-neck of your entire assembly operation? Did the only guy with soldering expertise retire from your company two years ago? Does your manager require proof positive that a new tool will improve your process, prior to okaying any funds? If you answered yes to any of these questions, simply send us samples of the parts you are attempting to solder or braze and we will make those issues disappear. In an effort to help determine how to best solve your difficult soldering job, it is our pleasure to offer our free in-house test and evaluation.

Better than an overpriced and under qualified consultant, our soldering technicians will work closely with you to evaluate your current soldering process, identify root causes of problem areas and determine if Esico Triton International® Soldering Tools has an answer for your particular difficult soldering need. Once it is determined that our tools can tackle your problem, we will have you send in samples of the components you are soldering and the solder/flux combination you would like to use. We will take it from there, working with your pieces in our soldering lab and shooting a short video that you can review and/or submit as proof that you have solved your companies long standing sore thumb.

To start this process, please take a few moments to share with us some necessary information. The following questionnaire is divided into four categories; Contact Information, Solder/Flux Details, Material Specifications, and Process Related. The more detailed information that you can provide to our soldering gurus, the better opportunity you give them to accurately access your situation and evaluate all available options. A half hour now, could save you thousands of dollars tomorrow! Invest the time in finding a better way to solder!

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Please double check the information you have provided for accruacy (especially your contact information) and completeness. Please include all relevant MSDS sheets and process sheets relating to this submission. Please wait to be contacted by one of our soldering technicians prior to shipping samples. Test & Evaluation participants are responsible for all shipping charges (including any customs and duties if coming from outside of the USA) and including return of samples from our facility back to participant, if so desired.

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