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FAQ Category: Thermal Wirestripping

Q. What is Thermal Wirestripping?
A. The process of using heat to melt through the insulation on a wire to facilitate its removal.

Q. How do your American Beauty® thermal wirestripping systems work?
A. The elements in the thermal wirestripping handpiece are heated by the same principles as the electrodes used for resistance soldering. By passing a safe, low voltage, high amperage current through a resistive material we are able to generate heat that can be controlled. The heat that is being generated can then be efficiently used to melt through the insulation of the wire being stripped.

Q. Can thermal wirestripping be used on high temperature insulations?
A. Yes. As long as the insulation is not flame retardant or self-extinguishing you should have no trouble stripping it using our thermal wirestripping systems.

Q. Why is thermal wirestripping often recommended or required by certain organizations, including the military?
A. In some circumstances a conductor may become nicked, or crimped when mechanical stripping devices are used. This can result in unwanted resistance in the conductor, causing it to over heat during use. When stripping wires thermally the possibility of nicking the conductors with a sharp blade is eliminated.

Q. Can the same power unit be used for resistance soldering and thermal wirestripping?
A. Absolutely! The same power unit can be used to operate an assortment of different American Beauty® handpieces for both thermal wirestripping and resistance soldering.

Q. Are there any precautions that I should take before thermal wirestripping?
A. Some insulation materials emit harmful vapors when they are exposed to high temperatures. It is always a good idea to work in a properly ventilated area and to check the wire manufacturers MSDS to know what types of gases or vapors may be emitted when the insulation material on the wire is heated.

Q. Are there size limitations to thermal wirestripping?
A. No. If you need to strip a wire that is larger than our Model 105131 or Model 10517 will accommodate, you can use our V-Notch Style Handpieces. If the wire you need to strip does not fit into the V-Notch the element can be opened slightly, or it can be used as a hot blade to melt through the insulation around the circumference of even the largest diameter wires.

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